Distinctively Different

Virtual Masterclasses

Book your Virtual Masterclass with us and treat your team or friends to something different. Not only will you be introduced to the exhilarating world of cocktail creation combined with expert spirit, cocktail history & knowledge but you will be thoroughly entertained by our Flair Bartending skills. If you’re up for it – you may even learn a trick or two!

Team building for your employees!

When considering options to get your teams or personnel engaged we have some great avenues to explore. Who doesn’t enjoy a cheeky drink made all by themselves with the guidance of our skilled staff?  It’s interactive, fun and completely engaging – no falling asleep on our shift!

Our packages are original, interactive, entertaining and set apart from  anything else similar on the market. 

Package options:

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Masterclass – an introduction into the art of cocktail mixing. Learn how to shake like the professionals! Gain knowledge about products and history before you enjoy your self mixed drink. Add a little competition to your masterclass and find out who is the champion of cocktail mixing judged by our trainer.


Masterclass & Flair – A professional masterclass but you will be introduced to the world of flair! We integrate working flair into our masterclass and participants will have the option to learn a few basic techniques and/or tricks. It’s more than just a drink together, it’s a great social occasion not to be missed.

Work with Flair will gladly assist you with any questions, inquiries, appointments/consultations, or by preparing a proposal/quotation to suit.



Regardless of the event you are planning, whether it be a birthday party, an exhibition, or a corporate Christmas party – a  Flair show is a perfect surprise for your guests to get your night started in the right style!

This live entertainment is always a crowd-pleaser and is different from any other entertainment your guests are accustomed to! As an added bonus- the team is then also on hand to create delicious cocktails to enjoy.